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With Snowminds, we have trained over 1500 ski and snowboard instructors on 6 different continents since 2012. It’s a good start, for sure. But still only the beginning. Want to join us for the adventures ahead? 

Snowminds, being entrepreneurial by nature, has evolved over time. We strive to try new things and add something fresh to the ski industry, at least when the opportunity feels right. Over the last six years, Snowminds and its partner companies have expanded from our core ski instructor programs to the creation of our own clothing brand, language courses, adventure skiing trips, ski school and ski rental bookings. So it’s been busy.

To date we recruit from Denmark, Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and the wider English market. We embrace such international diversity and believe it makes us stronger. Ultimately, everything we do comes down to our founding vision: to offer more people the opportunity to become instructors anywhere in the world.

It all began in Austria. Since then, our instructors have adventured onto six (6) different continents, including Argentina, Australia, Austria, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and South Africa. Our international aspirations, however, do not mean we forget our roots. That’s why we call Copenhagen, Denmark our home. From HQ our team manages our activities and works to develop new opportunities for skiers and snowboarders everywhere.

If you’re interested in working with us, check out our current opportunities below. Or if you have your own idea, then send us a message anytime.


I am proud to lead what we consider to be one of the best customer experience teams in the industry. The passion for snow, adventure and people is what defines our diverse and knowledgeable team that have all done winter seasons abroad

Charlotte Pedersen, Head of Customer Experience


With Snowminds, Ottar and I have founded the company of our dreams. However, it's really our team that makes the dream come to life. We strive for perfection and do whatever it takes to create the most unique winter experiences possible. Being able to do that in a young, dynamic and vibrant team makes me smile everyday

Christoffer Vorre, Founding partner

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